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Success Stories


Meet Gary. He was getting in trouble at his city home for barking at the walkers passing by.....he needed the farm life with lots of room to run. He was adopted, along with his new sister Remi by a wonderful family. He now gets to run around the farm and bark at whatever he chooses. :)


Just a short update on Bosco (formerly Murphy): This lovely boy is doing very well in our home. In this photo, he is enjoying a chew stick, a favorite treat. He is possibly the best dog I’ve ever had! Over time, I have discovered that he knows a number of commands and tricks. Someone spent a lot of time training him at some point. He loves to go for walks and does not tug or lunge on the leash. He enjoys sleeping on the foot of the bed at night and on his perch on top of the couch during the day. He loves the grandchildren and all visitors. We are so grateful that we were the lucky ones who got to give him a new home. 


Tinley came to us one hot Saturday in 2012. She was being sold at a horse show by some young kids. She was scooped up by one of our volunteers because he fell in love with her. She had major fleas and needed her vaccinations and to get on better food. She was skinny and gangly. She was cared for by Second Chance and was awful ornery! She was adopted later that year and her family absolutely adores her. Her name is Cici now and she is quite the runner. 

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